Stepparent Adoption Attorney Redlands California

At the Redlands family law firm of Lenita Skoretz, I provide information and opportunity for my clients to meaningfully participate in the process of finding a legal resolution to their family law concern.
I work cooperatively with individuals and couples to help them achieve an independent adoption (the adoption of a child from an unrelated person) a family or stepparent adoption (the adoption of the child of a family member, including a same-sex partner, or the adoption of a step-child by a step-parent).

Independent Child Adoption

I provide legal assistance to families or individuals who are adopting a child through a private adoption agency or through private placement. This can include the adoption of an unrelated child, or the child of a family member, such as a grandparent adoption of a grandchild or an aunt adopting a niece or nephew. An experienced adoption lawyer can help your adoption process run smoothly.

Stepparent – Stepchild Adoption

Stepparents do not automatically have legal guardianship or decision-making rights regarding a child who enters their care through marriage. The child’s biological parents retain those rights, even if one of those parents has never lived with the child or had a relationship with the child.

When an involved stepparent makes the decision to adopt a stepchild, he or she is giving that child a very visible sign of love and support in addition to all the legal rights that a child enjoys from a parent, such as the right to inheritance. I am pleased to help families accomplish the stepparent adoption process to provide a secure foundation for the children in their family. Please contact me to discuss your stepparent adoption case; many stepparent adoptions can be accomplished with few complications.

GLBT Adoption

I help gay and lesbian couples build strong, loving families through adoption. I help couples who are adopting an unrelated or related child through independent (private) adoption. I also help one parent adopt the biological child of the other parent from a previous marriage or from artificial insemination (similar to a step-parent adoption). Please contact me to discuss your GLBT adoption case.

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