Auto Insurance Law

Insurance is a facility that offers compensation to the people on different properties, on their health and other products as well. In this modern era, mostly people of the world want to get some benefits for their automobiles.

In different foreign countries of the world and also the United States of America, at least some high level of auto insurance is essential for all automobile drivers. The amount of their minimum coverage is really different in almost every state.

Automobile insurance policies or Auto insurance can easily be bought from some high-quality insurance companies to save vehicles against injuries or damages in automobile accidents. Every owner of an automobile wants the best and unique coverage available to cover their automobiles and looking around to evaluate service is the best place to start. If you are searching for some well-recognized and right auto insurances, then you must need to decide which type of coverage you require. Different auto insurances can easily cover numerous skills.  

There are countless different types and categories of auto insurance, but auto insurance has two major categories as well. In these types, Comprehensive and Liability auto Insurances.

Comprehensive auto insurances are the best and most leading policies that can easily cover all types of damages to the automobiles other than those damages that are caused by accidents while driving the automobiles. The main important types of Comprehensive insurance are vandalism, theft, fires, animal damages and floods. Comprehensive auto insurance is generally optional and mostly motorists drop comprehensive coverage of older vehicles. When you cause damages to other vehicles or individuals, you are usually deemed to be liable to pay for the treatment and also for repair. This insurance policy cannot cover you, your passengers in your own automobiles or any other vehicle.

The 2nd best and most leading type of Liability Insurance Coverage is well-recognized insurance for physical injuries. When another individual or any other person has covered medical bills, suffering, loss of income and pain party is injured during an accident deemed to be your fault. Bodily injury liability insurance of coverage does not broaden to people on your own insurance policy who may be offended in an accident.

“Where Do You Purchase Auto Insurance? There are many places where you can find and purchase the car insurance that you need. Depending on your specific area you may find that you need more coverage than you currently have.

There are many regions that require auto owners to maintain a certain amount of coverage. If you do not currently have auto insurance then you need to seriously consider where you will purchase your policy. You simply cannot drive about without the proper auto coverage.

Take the time to go online and begin getting car insurance quotes from various insurance providers. This should not take more than a day or so depending on how many companies you plan to contact. It is recommended that you receive quotes from at least three to five different carriers. This allows you to choose a policy that offers the benefits that you want while being able to choose the lowest cost for your premiums as well.

If you simply do not have the time to do the research and receive quotes from various insurance companies yourself then you can use a website that is specifically designed to provide this service. There are sites that allow you to put in your requirements for insurance and various other information. They will take your information and then find the lowest cost and best coverage for your car insurance needs.

Using a site like this will save you time as you can input your information once and receive quotes from many different car insurance companies. Quotes are normally delivered to your email inbox and then you simply choose the policy and premium that you like best.”

Business Pursuits Exclusion in Homeowner Insurance Policy

Last week, in National Farmers Union Property and Casualty Company v Garfinkel, the Colorado Court of Appeals decided whether a “Business Pursuits Exclusion” was ambiguous, and if not, whether it applied to the facts of the case.

In general, the intent of a homeowner policy is to protect the insured homeowner against the risk of liability for injuries (damages) suffered by others. But these policies often exempt from coverage any injury (including property damage) “arising out of or in connection with a business engaged in by an insured.”

In what is becoming less and less true with the growing virtual economy, the court stated that “people characteristically separate their business activities from their personal activities,” and thus “business pursuits coverage is not essential for their homeowners coverage and is excluded to keep premium rates at a reasonable level.”

A typical business exclusion looks like this:

1. Coverage E – Personal Liability and Coverage F – Medical  Payments to Others do not apply to “bodily injury” or “property damage”: 
b. Arising out of or in connection with a “business” engaged in by an “insured.”  This exclusion applies but is not limited to an act or omission, regardless of its nature or circumstance, involving a service or duty rendered, promised, owed or implied to be provided because of the nature of the “business.”

The court noted that the policy also defines “business” to include any “trade, profession or occupation,” and followed the majority of courts in other jurisdictions in finding that the exclusion is “expressed in plain, certain, and readily understandable language,” and thus not ambiguous.

That was not the end of the matter. The court then had to determine whether the particular activity at issue in the case was a “business pursuit.” For this, the court applied a two-part test: (1) was the activity done continuously or regularly, and (2) whether there is a profit motive. 

If an activity can be charcterized by both “continuity” and “profit motive,” it qualifies as a business pursuit for which coverage is excluded. Most courts hold that the activity need not be the insured’s only or even primary business or occupation. “Part-time or supplemental activities may constitute business pursuits for purposes of the exclusion,” and the Colorado appellate court agreed.

As to the second, or “profit motive” prong of the test, actual profit is not required so long as the activity is in fact a way of procuring subsistence or profit and there is a motive to make a profit. Even the minor motive to cover costs and expenses will likely satisfy this prong of the test. In other words, profit need not be an immediate or even primary consideration of the pursuit or activity in question. An activity that you do for the love of it may still be a business pursuit!

Further, the exclusion may apply whenever the insured is furthering his or her own business interests or, take note, the business interests of another, even if the insured does not receive any remuneration for the service.

Stepparent Adoption Attorney Redlands California

At the Redlands family law firm of Lenita Skoretz, I provide information and opportunity for my clients to meaningfully participate in the process of finding a legal resolution to their family law concern.
I work cooperatively with individuals and couples to help them achieve an independent adoption (the adoption of a child from an unrelated person) a family or stepparent adoption (the adoption of the child of a family member, including a same-sex partner, or the adoption of a step-child by a step-parent).

Independent Child Adoption

I provide legal assistance to families or individuals who are adopting a child through a private adoption agency or through private placement. This can include the adoption of an unrelated child, or the child of a family member, such as a grandparent adoption of a grandchild or an aunt adopting a niece or nephew. An experienced adoption lawyer can help your adoption process run smoothly.

Stepparent – Stepchild Adoption

Stepparents do not automatically have legal guardianship or decision-making rights regarding a child who enters their care through marriage. The child’s biological parents retain those rights, even if one of those parents has never lived with the child or had a relationship with the child.

When an involved stepparent makes the decision to adopt a stepchild, he or she is giving that child a very visible sign of love and support in addition to all the legal rights that a child enjoys from a parent, such as the right to inheritance. I am pleased to help families accomplish the stepparent adoption process to provide a secure foundation for the children in their family. Please contact me to discuss your stepparent adoption case; many stepparent adoptions can be accomplished with few complications.

GLBT Adoption

I help gay and lesbian couples build strong, loving families through adoption. I help couples who are adopting an unrelated or related child through independent (private) adoption. I also help one parent adopt the biological child of the other parent from a previous marriage or from artificial insemination (similar to a step-parent adoption). Please contact me to discuss your GLBT adoption case.